About Us

Bashkwegin Manitoba Inc. (formally Manitoba Buckskin) produces all-natural, brain-tanned smoked buckskin leather and natural unbleached rawhide using methods and processes that have been passed down in First Nations culture for many generations. The animal hides are mainly collected in partnership with Wildlife Associations across Southern Manitoba, but we highly encourage First Nations Hunters within Manitoba to collect and save their hides, creating an opportunity to contribute back to the community’s economy. From the collected animals, we offer various products and services such as (but not limited to), preassembled and ready to assemble traditional hand drum kits and raw and finished animal hides that are often used in creating Indigenous products (such as mukluks, bison robes, and traditional clothing). All Bashkwegin’s products are natural, local and eco-friendly, therefore there are no toxic chemicals used in processing, unlike commercially produced leather products.

Bashkwegin Manitoba offers educational workshops for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous groups that focus on the traditional processes of building hand drum kits and the various hide tanning processes. Bashkwegin Manitoba’s Founder and Manager of Operations, Carl Froese, has had the opportunity to work with many First Nations elders and teachers to learn about each hide tanning and drum building variation (and the associated regional design) in order to stay true to the traditions that have  been taught and passed down for hundreds of years. Together with his workshop hosts, Robert Caribou, and elder Ovide Caribou, the three are able to provide an Indigenous education and learning experience that is priceless. Depending on the needs of the customer, we can offer flexible workshops that range from one day drum building and hide demonstrations to 10-day bush camps that focus learning the several tanning techniques from start to finish.

Bashkwegin Manitoba Inc. was acquired by the Southern Chiefs’ Economic Development Corp. (SCEDC) in January of 2020 in order to become a 100% Indigenous owned business. SCEDC was launched in 2018, with the intention to enhance and strengthen the economic base of the SCO Communities. SCEDC focuses its efforts towards the pursuit of economic reconciliation in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships in order to create employment and training opportunities for First Nations workers on a full-time or contract basis. Furthermore, SCEDC has entered into Joint-Venture Agreements with organizations that focus on building national skills inventories/databases of the Indigenous workforce to maximize the existing and future potential of Southern First Nation communities. This creates an opportunity to preserve a traditional First Nations skill passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years and convert it into an opportunity for people to start their own business within their community.

To view our online shop please visit http://manitoba-buckskin.myshopify.com/